Wedding and Celebration Kilt Rentals in Montreal

Special occasion coming up? Rent a kilt, sporran or complete Highland outfit.

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Our Rental List:

  • Kilt
  • Prince Charlie and waistcoat
  • Dress Sporran
  • We cannot rent socks, but we sell highland hose.
  • We sell:

  • Hose in black, cream, navy, lovat green and bottle green.
  • Flashes (colored garters worn with the hose) in red or green.
  • Fly plaids and pins for a limited number of tartans.
  • By appointment only at Pointe Claire, Quebec

    For information: Bryant Johnson: (514) 695-5594

    Dear Mr. Johnson:

    As promised, here's a photo from our wedding. Our dream of an old fashioned Scottish wedding became a reality thanks to your experienced staff.

    My father wore kilt you made for him and the custom made flashes made in the same tartan material as the kilt were a lovely touch.

    My new husband also looked fabulous in the kilt you made him as well as the Prince Charlie and sporran. Although you can't see his beautiful legs, he is wearing the hose and flashes too.


    Wanda E.

    PS: Much to my amusement I finally discovered the truth behind the myth of what is worn (or not worn Ha! Ha!) under the kilt.

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    Wanda's father (left) in a rented Prince Charlie (jacket), kilt and sporran. He bought his shirt and bowtie, hose and flashes. Wanda's husband David, (right) had a made-to-measure kilt, and purchased his jacket and sporran for the wedding.

    The entire staff of Chas Johnson & Son Inc. previously at 1184 Place Phillips, thank you for your loyal business over the years.

    For information: Bryant Johnson: (514) 695-5594